10 Fun Facts About Spain

Spain is one of the unique countries that you find in this world due to its diverse features. There are so many facts about Spain, some of them are:

1. There are so many languages that are spoken in Spain. Although Spanish is the main language, other official languages are spoken in Spain which is: Aranese, Galician, Basque, and Catalan.

2. The Spaniards to like to speak loudly. It is easy for you to notice a Spaniard very quickly since they like to talk with loud noise since it is part of Spanish character.

3. There are more than 500,00 Gypsies who live in Spain to the south as permanent residents. The Gypsies do continue to migrate to Spain day by day.

4. In Spain, the rate of divorce is meager, with only about 5 % of children been born to parents who are not married.

5. Spain holds a festival of running bulls every year in July on Fermina’s day. In this festival so many people to attend so that they can see people running in the streets with bulls.

6. The national sports activity of Spain is soccer which may locals do call it futbol.

7. The per capita GDP of Spain is $29,289 while the nominal GDP is about 1.352 trillion.

8. Spain regards so much the tourism industry due to the high presence of tourist attraction sites, and this industry can draw about 40 billion Euros in a year. Some sites offer exercises for balance and coordination every morning! According to the research conducted by tourism experts, this Spain industry has been ranked as the second largest in the whole world.

9. The government of Spain practices a parliamentary constitutional monarchy. It is very decentralized through 17 regions which can govern its public resources, hospitals, schools.

10. Spain started to use the Euro in the year 1999 as its form of currency when it joined the European Union. The paper notes and coins began to circulate after the year 2002.